Favorite Music YouTube Channels

Nowadays, it is so easy to learn a new skill on the internet. My favorite way is through instructional videos. Recently, I learned how to bake and assemble a three-tiered cake for a baking competition just from YouTube baking channels. (I got second place in case you were wondering…)

I always like to encourage my students to use all of their resources. The internet is a fantastic library of information that we are lucky to have in this day and age. There are so many places to find information on music and how to play an instrument, but I am a visual learner, so I usually start with videos. Some of these music channels are just fun to watch and some have very specific information about instrumental music. Below, I’ve included some of my favorite channels.

General Music

TwoSet Violin – This channel is full of fun and super nerdy music content. I also find it encouraging that Brett and Eddy make it sound cool to put in your practice time every day. They also frequently play music games and make music fun and enjoyable instead of being super serious about it all of the time.


Valentina Lisitsa – Honestly, I wish I could be as awesome as Valentina. She’s one of the most amazing pianists today and frequently posts videos of both polished pieces as well as practice sessions. I always find it so interesting and informative to see how some of the best musicians in the world practice (and steal some of their techniques for myself!)

Rousseau – Is there anything cooler than piano with visuals of glowing notes raining down the screen? I think not. I like Rousseau’s channel because there is a good mix of classic repertoire pieces and pop music including movie themes and holiday songs. Plus, I find the notes floating down the screen super relaxing and a good way to visualize music in a different form.

Tiffany Poon – I enjoy watching Tiffany’s channel because she not only posts awesome videos of her playing beautiful music, but also vlogs about her music career. I, for one, am super interested in seeing what it’s like to play on cruise ships and to tour the Steinway Piano Factory with Tiffany.


Better Sax – Jay does really in-depth reviews of saxophones and various equipment i.e. reeds and mouthpieces. He also has many saxophone lesson videos where he teaches jazz improvisation and theory. His channel is one of the most well-rounded and informative saxophone channels, in my opinion.

Dr. Robert Young – Dr. Young has really informative content for the classical saxophonist. He has videos about tone, double tonguing, and other saxophone basics. His advice is super helpful especially if you’re a serious player who is trying to achieve a beautiful and rich sound.

Chad LB – Chad makes super informational videos on jazz improvisation and theory. His videos are very specific on the theory behind improvisation and shares tactics to create outstanding solos. I would suggest his videos if you already understand quite a bit of music theory and have some good playing technique already.

There are so many YouTube channels out there! I hope you find some of these entertaining and helpful in your own musical journey. Message me if you think I should check out a channel I didn’t list.

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