Jamie’s Recordings

Get You
Cover by, Modcat
(Jamie is playing Tenor Saxophone)

Guitars in the Expanse – An improvised ambient loop improvised by, Jamie

Glassworks 4: Rubric
(Jamie is playing 1st Soprano Sax)

Composed by, Charles Zoll

Bubonicon 2020 – Intro Song

Music for the Ted Chamberlin Ranch Tour Video
Composed by, Jamie Schippers

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Student Recordings

Duet with Student in 7th Grade

Game Jams

Music created by Jamie for various Game Jams. Game Jams are competition style event where video games are created from scratch in a short amount of time, usually 72 hours or less.

Gyro Scavenger – Ludum Dare 48 –

Mining Gameplay

End Game

Splash Screen

The Recycle Factory – Wowie! Jam 3.0 –

Happy Cubes

Creepy Cubes

Jump up the Jam – Music Game Jam 2017 –

Jump up the Jam

Various Jams


Imps Gameplay

Morning Rock base off of Grieg’s Morning Mood