All State 2020 Audition Material Announced!

It’s the time of year that many people either look forward to or wish would wait until after summer. The All State Audition Requirements have been released! For those students who are eager to start working on preparing All State Audition Music, here are the links:


As per usual, there are three etudes for each instrument. Make sure you print out the correct part!
There is a Ballad, Funk, & Swing Etude for Alto, Tenor, & Baritone Saxophones.
The Chromatic Scale is also required from memory.

Symphonic and Concert Band

All Saxophones Voices

“48 Famous Studies for Oboe and Saxophone”, Ferling (pub. Southern Music Co.)

  • Page 11, #22 in A Major; Allegro Moderato, quarter note = 116; m. 1 – 25
  • Page 15, #29 in E Major; Andante Amabile, eighth note = 84-92; m. 1 – 16

Two Major Scales will be asked at random as well as the Chromatic Scale. Play them in straight eighth notes from memory. Remember: Accuracy is more important than speed. Try learning them full range.

Practice Tips

  • Start slow to ensure the accuracy of notes and rhythms.
  • Find recordings of the Etudes to get a good idea of what they should sound like.
  • Ask for help from more advanced students or a private teacher.
  • Set realistic goals (ex. start learning just one line per week).
  • Write on your music (ex. accidentals and note names if needed).
  • Record yourself.
  • Reward yourself for meeting goals.
  • Practice the Jazz Etudes with the Accompaniment Tracks AFTER you have them up to tempo.

Have fun practicing!

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