All State Audition Music 2021 Announced!

We’re here yet again!

The audition music for Jazz All State and the regular Band All State has been announced. Time for all high school students to start working on these etudes.

Remember: Most bands in the area also use the All State material for chair placements in the fall!


This year, the jazz audition consists of the Chromatic Scale, Funk, Swing, and St. Louis Blues with two choruses of Improvisation. They have taken out the Ballad. All music will be performed with a backing track.

Find the music here.


It’s the same old, same old for the regular band audition. The audition will consist of the Chromatic Scale, two random Major Scales, a Slow and Fast Etude, and Sight Reading.

The Etudes are taken from the Ferling Etude Book and is not found on the All State website.

Look Inside48 Studies for the Alto Saxophone in Eb, Op. 31 Composed by Franz Ferling John Walker. Edited by Daniel Schmidt. SWS. Back To School. Book and CD. With Standard notation. 56 pages. Carl Fischer Music #WF80. Published by Carl Fischer Music (CF.WF80).
I prefer this book because each etude takes up one whole page instead of fitting two on a page. Much easier to read!
This is an affiliate link. I will earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.

Practice Tips

  • Start slow to ensure the accuracy of notes and rhythms.
  • Find recordings of the Etudes to get a good idea of what they should sound like.
  • Ask for help from more advanced students or a private teacher.
  • Set realistic goals (ex. start learning just one line per week).
  • Write on your music (ex. accidentals and note names if needed).
  • Record yourself.
  • Reward yourself for meeting goals.
  • Practice the Jazz Etudes with the Accompaniment Tracks AFTER you have them up to tempo.
  • Play all required scales Full Range if possible.

Good Luck!

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